Basic Nutrition - Plan Outline

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Basic Nutrition Plan Outline

by Jeff Willet, IFBB Pro Breakfast: Protein Source (Such as Egg whites or Whey Protein) Oatmeal (Or Other Carb Source) Mid Morning: Meal Replacement Shake Lunch: Chicken Breast (Or Other Protein Source) Salad/vegetables Mid Afternoon: If there is going to be more than 3 hours from lunch until your workout, it would be good to fit in a small meal of protein source and vegetables or a meal replacement shake so you dont go into your workout without any nutrition for several hours. Post Workout (Immediately after training): Whey Protein Drink w/Carbohydrates. Creatine and L-Glutamine are also excellent to add to your post workout drink to speed muscle recovery and enhance muscle growth. Post Workout Meal (within 1 to 3 hours after your workout): Chicken (Or other Protein Source: Lean Beef, Fish, Turkey) Potato (Or other Carb Source) Evening: Meal Replacement Shake Or Protein source w/Vegetables Comments: Focus on consistent nutrition by eating every few hours and have each meal consisting of a protein source. Try to avoid going 3 or more hours with no nutrition as this will slow your metabolism. A good meal replacement shake makes for a great in-between meal or can be used as any meal of the day when you have a hard time getting to food. Keep most of your carbohydrate intake around your workout and the first meal of the day. I have listed a protein/carb drink directly after training and your meal following your workout should contain a carbohydrate like a potato, rice or pasta. If you work out early in the morning you can shift the post workout drink and meal to earlier in the day. A diet with consistent protein intake every few hours will be conducive to building muscle and keeping your metabolism elevated. To help you get leaner and control calories, meals not directly following your workout or first thing in the morning should contain Vegetables as the carb source. Vegetables help keep your metabolism elevated and keep total calories low. For the absolute best nutritional supplements I strongly recommend AST Sports Science. Ny-Tro PRO 40, VP2 Whey Isolate, Creatine HSC and GL3 L-Glutamine are staples of my nutritional plan and have been for many years.